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Charulata (The Lonely Wife)

What an extremely long opening!! Call me inpatient if you wish.. but honestly, I was already bored by the 3 minutes of just watching her stitching in the opening shot. I noticed there is a lot of music in the background, which is interesting.. and she also follows sounds that she hears. There is a lot of weird unusual sounds in the movie and I didn’t quite understand why she would always look through the magnifying glass. I was pretty lost majority of the time during the movie. A couple observations I made were: the man is so into his book, he doesn’t even notice her standing there, we see the back of the woman the whole time while he was eating, and we have no idea how she looks like (which is weird). The movie moved in such a slow pace, that made it difficult to want to watch. There were some interesting shots and angles while she was on the swing. Lastly, I wonder.. why was their dog barking when they were arm wrestling?

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~ by Avah Au-Yeung on December 14, 2011.

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