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I always heard Psycho, by Alfred Hitchcock was a great movie. But it wasn’t until I saw it in class for the first time did I really know how true that statement is. To be honest, and you may call me a little slow if you wish, but I’m still a little lost in terms of when Norman Bates was having the conversation with Marion in his office. Was that really him or his mom.. Or both? Like I get the whole idea of him killing his mother because of jealousy and whatnot.. But when (he) said, “A boy’s bestfriend is his mother.” was that really what Norman Bates was thinking? Or his mother? And then same for when he said, “I hate what she’s become. I hate the illness.” Those parts confuse the heck out of me. Also noticed the whole pattern of birds, pictures of them hung on the wall in the room, the stuffed birds hung on the wall in the office, and Norman Bates mentioning how she “eats like a bird.” The whole idea of how they’re passive, but its creepy how they’re like watching you. Very contradictive in my mind. Going back a little to an earlier point in the film, I want to talk about the scenes of her driving when she’s running away. We are hearing diegetic sounds, that are internal which convey thoughts and state of minds. In this case, we are hearing Marion’s thoughts as she’s driving. Also the music we hear while she’s driving is so dramatic, and makes the scene so much more intense to watch. I like how as we’re watching it in the beginning, we’re thinking how the cop is the bad guy or something, who’s out to get her.. but that was only a divergence and the motel boy who looked absolutely harmless was the actual guy to be on the look out for. And lastly, I want to comment on how she could be okay with having all that money in one place.. and then to put it in the newspaper?! like really? but I like how Hitchcock would shoot from the angle of the newspaper that the money was hidden in, so that the audience can see it in every shot. ¬†Oh yeah, the shower scene was insane! Even though its very fake, you just don’t expect it.. and after so many times of repeated movements of the camera “stabbing” her, we get the point. Overall, Psycho is a crazy movie, no pun intended. Great movie. Just absolutely great in my opinion.

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~ by Avah Au-Yeung on November 15, 2011.

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