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The Lady Eve

Director and Screenwriter, Preston Sturges did a fantastic job with this movie, The Lady Eve in portraying the idea of conning people, through gambling or false identity. Early in the movie, we are introduced the idea of card tricks and con men. I found a lot of humor in the movie that actually made me “laugh out loud.” Like the scenes of “the fat man” wanting his food in the courtyard and during the card games on the boat, when Colonel Harrington was cheating to change his cards. Also the clumsy parts of Charles messing up his suits were my favorites. It’s quite ironic how the palm trick Charles showed was how Colonel Harrington was able to keep the $32,000 check he pretended he ripped up. Charles Pike is perceived to be a foolish man. Eventually we reach a point in the movie where we no longer know for sure who is conning who anymore.  The characters make reference to the war, such as statements like “Toast to the war, coming on the submarine” and the impersonation of Hitler.  It’s an interesting scene when we see that Charles uses the same line on the woman (who he doesn’t know is Jean) which we heard him say to Jean before. It’s especially clever to see how the horse in the back would nudge Charles in the head every so often as if to show that even as an animal, is aware of Charles’ use of old lines. We get this idea of how a man of his status (educated and wealthy) uses the same tactics in talking to a woman in such a boring and unskillful manner.  It’s also quite impossible to believe that Jean, a con artist who is usually “money hungry” actually doesn’t want money the one chance she is offered or able to get it. During the movie, I found myself questioning whether Colonel Harrington was really the woman’s (Jean’s) father. At the end, we see this concept of double standard, when the couple (Charles and Jean) goes into the room together on the boat, because technically they’re married (to each other). We get the idea that bad girls aren’t as bad as they are, while good girls are only half as good as they think they are.  To be honest, I get the whole idea of the movie and what it’s about.. but there are still parts of it that I’m a bit confused about. Like whether Charles really has no clue whatsoever that Jean on the boat is his wife. Or whether she really loved him since she didn’t want the money, and knew he was the man all along. I’m going to watch the movie again when I get a chance to, and hopefully I’ll have a better idea of the movie and be less confused by then. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie.

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~ by Avah Au-Yeung on September 27, 2011.

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