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Citizen Kane

This movie contained a lot of techniques of different angles, lighting as well as the introduction of creative shots used in the movie world. We see extreme and weird close-ups, and sounds used to create distance (through the scenes of when Kane is shouting across the room to his wife putting a puzzle together). The famous scene is of when Kane’s parents were sending him away for school. We see Kane in the background playing outside in the snow, who has no say in the decision of his departure and does not get a say in his own fate. Then Kane’s father is in the mid-ground, with no power of deciding where his boy goes. And lastly, in the foreground, there’s the bank broker and his mother who is signing the papers and has the power to send her child away for school.  We see a pattern of violence, when Kane madly breaks things and terrorizes his wife’s room and we also see when Susan gets slapped.  Through the entire movie, we as the audience are trying to figure out what “rosebud” is, which is what Kane’s last words were before he died. When we are shown the glass ball rolling onto the floor and broken into pieces, it helps us to perceive a tragedy.. which in this case, was his death.  Like everyone else I would assume, I found the mirror shots super cool. Like his reflections when he was walking down that hall was shown in the most profound way ever. I also like the use of lights / shadows and the size of bodies to show power dynamics. The scene of when the people were throwing things into the furnace is when we ultimately figure out what “rosebud” is. Turns out it is what it says on his sled that he got for Christmas. Who would have thought. Interesting movie overall. Definitely considered a classic in the film world because of its many interesting shots.

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~ by Avah Au-Yeung on September 27, 2011.

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  1. We have the same idea of the movie’s concept I feel. The chain of events that lead to all the way to the scene when susan gets slapped, in this scene its shows to me the lost of control in himself, marriage, and life. I also like the way you put the concept of the glass rolling ball rolling onto the floor has something to do with a tragic event. I agree with the ending being something that we would have never thought of in such an interesting movie.

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